Monitor Inclusive Markets launches new report “From Blueprint to Scale”.There is growing interest in the role of market-based solutions in addressing the problems of poverty, through inclusive businesses that tap into the potentialof the global poor as customers and suppliers—the so-called ‘fortune at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP).’ Encouraged by the growth of microfinance, many promising new models are emerging. This has elicited a rush to the new field of ‘impact investing’—producing social or environmental good as well as financial return—with hundreds of funds set up in just a few years and billions of dollars waiting to be invested.But many investors report that they are struggling to find good opportunities in which to invest for impact. Why is that? Will impact investors really be able to take new models for inclusive business all the way from idea to scale?

This report:

  • Explains how impact investing is constrained by the tough realities of inclusive business, and introduces the phenomenon of the pioneer gap
  • Describes the emerging practice of enterprise philanthropy, and how it is the key to establishing the inclusive business models into which capital can then be deployed
  • Analyzes a number of companies from the Acumen Fund portfolio to understand both successes and setbacks, and to illustrate the Four Ps of effective enterprise philanthropy
  • Sets out our key recommendations for philanthropic funders and for impact investors
  • Provides some practical ideas for what and how to fund, in the Enterprise Philanthropy Playbook

For further details and to download the report, click here.