Brussels, 4 June 2012 – The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) has just published its first Venture Philanthropy Industry report, providing key findings and independent statistics on the fast-growing but still evolving VP and social investment industry in Europe.“The European Venture Philanthropy Industry 2010/2011” is a detailed report of the first comprehensive survey conducted by EVPA’s Knowledge Centre. The survey aimed to capture the activity of VP organisations (VPOs) based in Europe. The report provides readers with exclusive insight into the venture philanthropy industry in Europe and highlights the coming of an age of the industry, hitting the € 1bn mark in cumulative total investments. With a final response rate of 77%, capturing data from 50 European VPOs, it was the first effort of this kind to provide independent industry statistics on European Venture Philanthropy.Dr. Lisa Hehenberger, Research Director of EVPA and responsible for the study, commented: “This VP industry report is the first step in a larger effort by the Knowledge Centre to provide independent statistics on an industry that is still in the early stages of evolution. The underlying survey will be repeated on an annual basis to create a longitudinal database with VP industry statistics that can be analysed over time. We appreciate the time invested by the 50 organisations that responded to the survey.  Our objective is to help EVPA members and other social investors/VP practitioners to improve their practices, attract resources and gain legitimacy as an industry.”The key findings of the report are:

  • Cumulative investments made by European Venture philanthropy reach €1 bn
  • Venture philanthropy funds create societal impact by supporting young or very young social purpose organisations (NGO’s, social businesses)
  • Half of the money is directed towards health and education issues
  • Venture Philanthropists are hands on, medium term partners of the organisations they support

Daniela Barone Soares, Chief Executive of Impetus Trust, pioneer VP organisation in the UK and respondent organisation to the survey, commented: “This survey confirms the growing power and reach of venture philanthropy, as it takes hold across Europe.  As one of the pioneers of this model of social investment, we are delighted to see momentum continuing for venture philanthropy, which is transforming charities that are working hard to help people in the greatest areas of need. Well done to EVPA for creating this hugely useful database, which we are confident will contribute to best practice and further development.”As venture philanthropy continues to grow, EVPA’s industry building role becomes increasingly important. As of today EVPA acts as the main repository of data on the VP industry in Europe. Since our ambition is to repeat the survey annually and for the industry report to become the key point of reference on European VP and social investment, we are pleased to announce that we are in the process of developing our second annual industry survey.Harlan Mandel, Chief Executive Officer of the Media Development Loan Fund, respondent organisation to the survey, commented:”Across the world, people and institutions committed to improving society have been exploring how to create social value using investment approaches. EVPA and its industry report have advanced the field with a European perspective and models from Europe with global potential.”The full report is available for download here. If you would like to order the full version as a hard copy please contact’s Knowledge Centre is extremely grateful to Natixis Private Equity, Fondazione CRT, Impetus Trust, Invest for Children and Noaber Foundation for their generous support.