“Unlocking the power of impact Investing in Asia and the Pacific” -Chapter III from the publication “From corporate responsibility tocorporate sustainability: Moving the agenda forward in Asia and the Pacific”, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacifichttp://www.unescap.org/publications/detail.asp?id=1534In parallel with the emergence of an increasing number of sustainablebusinesses, the sustainable investment sector is also gradually movingtowards centre stage. Sustainable investment can be defined asinvestment with the goal of creating positive impact on society andthe environment in addition to financial returns and has significantpotential to contribute to the sustainable development agenda.The actors in the field of sustainable investment who put this moneyto work range from family and corporate foundations, high net-worthindividuals, government development agencies, development financeorganizations, SME funds, institutional investors to private equityand venture capital funds. And while acknowledging that there are andalways will be social and environmental problems that cannot beaddressed through market based models, sustainable investing is nowmostly focusing on a few selected sectors such as microfinance, cleanenergy, food and agriculture, affordable housing, education and waterand sanitation.While the emergence of social enterprises and sustainable investingclearly illustrates how far certain entrepreneurs and investors havecome in furthering the sustainable development agenda, expectations,particularly with regard to financial returns need to be managed inorder to avoid grand disillusions and expectations which could lead toa withdrawal from investors and severely hurt the development of thispromising industry.In chapter III, Jana Svedova takes a closer look at trends and issuesrelated to impact investment and its importance in the Asia-Pacificregion.JANA SVEDOVA is a social finance professional with experience insocial enterprise development and financing. Before her currentposition, she was in the financial services industry working withseveral of Canada’s top 5 financial institutions in areas ranging fromwealth management to business banking, including Vancity Savings inVancouver, a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values and apioneer in social finance. Jana holds a BA in International Relationsand an MBA from the University of British Columbia. She has conductedresearch in the area of social finance as a fellow at the Universityof British Columbia’s Center for Sustainability and Social Innovation.Jana co-founded Synergy Social Ventures, a non-profit organizationbased in San Francisco and Hong Kong, China that providescapacity-building support to early stage social enterprises inSouth-East Asia and China and works with philanthropists to developstrategies for funding social enterprises in the region.SYNERGY SOCIAL VENTURES is a non-profit organization focused onproviding support to early stage social ventures in Southeast Asia andChina, contributing to the building of a stronger ecosystem in whichmore ventures can successfully develop, and working withphilanthropists to develop appropriate philanthropic investmentstrategies to support the growth of young social ventures in theregion.