Monitor Inclusive Markets, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has written a white paper titled “A Market Led, Evidence Based Approach to Rural Sanitation” on supply side market-based approaches to scale rural sanitation in India, based mainly on findings from the PSI-led “Supporting Sustainable Sanitation Improvements” (3SI) project in Bihar and supplemented by additional investigation of interventions in other parts of India.Sanitation White Paper Cover CollageData shows  that demand for toilets does exist in rural India though it may not be due to health. While conventional toilets are quite expensive, the paper lays out a more affordable toilet for which materials exist locally. The availability of such affordable and quality products as well as financing are key levers to unlocking this demand and subsidies can help deepen the market. The white paper goes on to propose business models that could deliver toilets profitably and highlights players in the sanitation ecosystem who could serve as the “market maker,” conducting market-building activities and creating an enabling environment for growth.Please visit to see a more complete set of outputs from the 3SI project as well as annexures to the white paper providing overviews of some organizations already delivering sanitation solutions or providing sanitation financing in rural India.MIM will be also be holding a series of six open conference calls to discuss the key findings of the white paper as well as to field questions and hear feedback. The conference calls will be held on the dates and times below. Please RSVP to with the call you intend to join in order to receive dial-in information and materials.

  • ·         January 16, 8:30pm IST
  • ·         January 29, 9:30pm IST
  • ·         February 12, 10am IST
  • ·         February 25, 10am IST
  • ·         March 5, 9:30am IST
  • ·         March 13, 9:30pm IST

Download the full report here: Market Led Approach to Rural Sanitation (Monitor Inclusive Markets) (1)