The Law Society of Singapore has produced a toolkit to reach out to those who are interested in starting, or are already running their own social enterprises.legale seThe areas of law covered in this publication have been categorised into 3 main sections that deal with the various stages of the development of a social enterprise. The first section opens with a discussion on the legal issues that a potential social entrepreneur should consider before setting up a social enterprise. Without forgetting the ever-increasing presence of the Internet in today’s business-world, a section has also been included to provide the reader with more information on the legal aspects of e-commerce. The next section then addresses the legal concerns that more established social enterprises might face. As the business begins to grow, legal knowledge of issues pertaining to the protection of business assets, franchising, cross-border trade, insurance, product liability, funding, advertising and tax may be essential for the business to be sustainable. Finally, the handbook also touches on the legal obligations that the reader may face in the event that the social enterprise has to be terminated. Through this toolkit, the Society hopes to provide some legal guidance to socially driven individuals, and help them to overcome the reservations that they may have about starting their own social enterprises.To download the full report: LegaleSE Handbook_digital copy_V4.