We have launched an Investment Showcase on our website to actively promote our members’ activities by highlighting organisations, programmes and activities that have been funded by these members.

The Investment Showcase features members’ social investment projects and appears on the resources page of the AVPN website. The purpose of this page is to present existing social investments to a wider audience using a standardised investment profile. This serves the dual purpose of raising awareness about existing programmes whilst at the same time it helps organisations to learn from one another’s activities.

The profiles on the Investment Showcase describe the social issue at hand, the intervention that was funded by the member(s), and the eventual social impact of the funding exercise. Other details such as the country of the project’s implementation, the social sector focus, the organisational maturity of the investee, the kind of support provided as well as the amount funded are also included in the profile.

A few of the projects currently showcased include interventions in Operation Asha, Green Oil, Driptech and Husk Power Systems by LGT Venture Philanthropy in India; SABRAS and SMV Wheels by Dasra in India; and Water for Poverty Alleviation by Lien Aid in China. For more information on these investments, please click here.

Any members who would like to have any projects or oganisations funded by them to be featured on the AVPN Investment showcase, please write to Kevin at kevin [at] avpn.asia