S8 roadshow

AVPN took the Pilotlight model of skilled volunteerism on a 5 city road show in October – travelling to Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. The sharing in each city with local leaders on corporate volunteerism differed in each country, but enthusiasm on the concept was extremely encouraging in all our stops.

The revolutionary concept behind Pilotlight stems from the model of charging corporates to place their C-suite executives in specially assembled dream teams of 4, which combines top executives from different organisations to work with non-profits and social enterprises on a strategic level. The programme is very structured and time-specific, thus not wasting any time from the executives. At the same time, Pilotlight manages the relationship between the team and the recipient organisation, ensuring the highest efficacy and maximum social impact.

One of the participants in the workshop, Truc Nguyen from LIN Center for Community Development in Ho Chi Minh City, who attended the Singapore event, noted that “the information I gained there was precious. I also shared with my colleagues at LIN about Pilotlight model and we were impressed with how the organization could engage hundreds of senior corporate volunteers.”

AVPN is actively supporting new and effective modes of carrying out venture philanthropy. We will be facilitating the roll-out of Pilotlight models in Asia and welcome any queries.Find out more about Pilotlight at their website: http://www.pilotlight.org.uk/Pilotlight small

Presentation materials from the road show available at our website: /2013/11/04/avpn-road-show-2013-mobilising-human-capital-presentation-materials/