Japan-headquartered Kamonohashi Project (Kamo) and India’s Dasra have collaborated for the Zero Traffick research report to eliminate sex trafficking in India.Founded in 2002, Kamo has operations in Cambodia and in India and aims to put an end to the issue of human trafficking. It manages programmes that seek to provide employment for vulnerable women and education for vulnerable adolescent girls who could be sold into sex trafficking due to their poverty.

Zero Traffick analyses the issue of sex trafficking and the key means to tackle this issue in India. The collaboration started when Kamo decided to commission a research report to Dasra about issue and stakeholder analysis of sex trafficking in India. Kamo co-funded this research report with Hummingbird Trust, a UK-based family philanthropist, according to Tomomi Shimizu, senior programme manager with Kamo.

The research was published and launched at the Trust Women Conference 2013 in London on 3 December 2013. “It was a 10 month process, and a long journey for all of us to produce this report, but with Dasra’s great analytical skills and patience for the best quality, we are very happy to launch this,” Tomomi said.

According to the report, three million women are engaged in commercial sex activity in India, a 50% rise from 1997. Secondly, more than 60% of those trafficked into sex work are adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 16. Commercial sex activity is a huge problem in India and there are 300,000 brothels in 1,100 identified red-light areas in the country, which house nearly five million children.

Kamo’s role in the research was to provide its expertise in issues related to sex-trafficking, to introduce their networks (NGOs and experts) to Dasra’s research team and to advise the team in improving the quality of the report.

With the research report, Dasra’s team has been recruiting members to join Dasra Giving Circle, which will support future projects related to the findings. The Giving Circle is planned to convene in early 2014.

Download the full report and find more information on Dasra’s Giving Circles here.