EVPA and the London Business School has launched a new report on 11 March. This publication, “Social Impact Strategies for Banks- Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment” written by Dr Leonora Buckland, explores how European banks can use their core strengths –financial acumen, investment skills, capital and networks– to actively generate social impact by engaging in venture philanthropy and social investment.The report builds on existing research on related topics and provides insightful and in-depth case studies from a selected group of pioneer banks in a variety of European countries. It extends the analysis to other European banks with relevant initiatives.Lisa Hehenberger, Research Director of EVPA and editor of the publication, explains: “This report is the third in the Knowledge Centre publication series on key players in Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment – following “Strategies for Foundations” and “A Guide to VP for Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors”. The objective of this research is to encourage more banks to start practicing VP and SI by providing them with concrete examples and practical recommendations on how it can be done. ”Click here to download the free online version of Social Impact Strategies for Banks. Click here to read their press release. AVPN will be holding a private event on 15 May evening (after the Day 2 conference programme) to discuss this report with regional bank representatives. If you are a representative from the banking sector and would like to receive an invitation for this, please contact us.