Today EVPA is highlighting a promising new development; the increased activities of corporates and corporate foundations in investment oriented approaches to deliver social impact. Charting this growing interest, EVPA’s latest research report: ‘Corporate Social Impact Strategies – New Paths for Collaborative Growth’ is a unique look at the ways corporate foundations such as Shell and C&A Foundation, as well as corporations such as Danone, Allianz and Novartis are providing financial, human and social capital to the VP/SI sector.

Based on in-depth interviews and case studies with over 50 organisations, the report outlines how linkages between corporate players and Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment organisations are taking shape, as the latter are starting to experiment with VP/SI. From bringing insight into social purpose organisations, to delivering investment ready social innovations ready to scale or from being co-investors to conducting due diligence or portfolio support to corporations; our report provides practical ways in which we as a sector can partner with corporations to deliver social impact – while leveraging their resources.

Sharing the first pioneer examples of successful collaboration, the report shows the enormous potential for partnerships and learning. In the words of EVPA’s Chairman Pieter Oostlander: ‘VP/SI has proven to be the way into social impact for different key-players in society. Similarly, this research shows that VP/SI can be the bridge between corporates and societal impact, a bridge leading to greater and more sustainable societal impact.’

The report can be viewed and downloaded from here:

EVPA-Corporate Social Impact Strategies

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