dasra gender lens

Gender lens investing is fast gaining momentum in the developed world with conclusive evidence of improved economic returns for investors who take a gendered approach to investing. Globally, a gender lens is being applied to businesses – social or otherwise.

Through 16 years of research, conversations with sector experts and funders, and due diligence of ~2,000 social organizations, Dasra realized that accounting for gender in grantmaking and program design is critical to success of non-profit programs. Unfortunately, the conversation on gender lens in grantmaking in India is still limited.

As a part of its ongoing efforts to help funders make effective giving decisions, Dasra’s whitepaper hopes to serve as a thought leadership piece and guide to help grantmakers realize how adopting a gendered approach will create deeper impact and result in improved returns. It intends to put the onus on the givers (funders) and doers (non-profits) to drive conversation and action on the critical role gender plays in the socio-economic development of India; demystify the concept of using a gender lens; trigger self-evaluation; and pave the way for more funders and non-profits to actively adopt a gender lens.

Read the full report here.