About Policy Leadership Lab

The purpose of the AVPN Policy Leadership Lab (“Lab”) is to cultivate the next generation of social economy policy leaders across Asia through offering high-touch, in-depth capacity-building and networking to develop their potential for greater cross-sector impact.

About the Lab

Leveraging on the offerings of AVPN’s unique cross-sector resources, the Lab will apply AVPN Policy’s systemic and multi-lateral approach to integrating policy with the social economy. It intends to nurture a cohort of policy leaders who have actionable impact initiatives that are ready and able to engage with diverse pools of capital across sectors to bring positive impact to the social economy. Through its deep-reaching programme, the Lab will apply AVPN’s network and resources to drive concrete collaboration opportunities between policymakers and members. 

Policy Fellows Experience

Throughout the Lab, AVPN will consistently support the Fellow to apply their experience to advance a nominated policy initiative. The Fellow-nominated initiative is key to an experiential, practice-based programme and will be listed on the APFx: Policy Exchange for Impact platform for greater visibility and engagement with the wider social investment community.

4-Step Process over 12 Months:

  • In-depth Consultations
    • Understand its context and define the gaps and challenges the initiative hopes to address
  • Identify Relevant Stakeholders
    • Identify stakeholders that can offer technical support, sector expertise, mentorship, or financial support to the policy initiative
    • Draw on resources within the AVPN membership, the largest social and impact investment community in Asia
  • Facilitated Physical and Virtual Lab Sessions
    • The Lab sessions are an opportunity for Policy Fellows and relevant stakeholders to workshop solutions together towards realising the policy initiative’s objectives
    • Up to 1 Physical Lab and 1 Virtual Lab per Fellow, per programme cycle
  • Ecosystem Engagement
    • Progress from Lab sessions are shared with the wider AVPN social and impact investment community, gaining insights from public-private engagement and inviting more interest for partnerships

In addition, Fellows will be invited to participate in AVPN local and regional member activities during this Lab cycle.  After the cycle ends, alumni of the Lab may be invited to present at future AVPN-organised webinars, summits or conferences to invite greater collaboration opportunities.

Policy Fellows Profile

Through the Lab, AVPN has broadened our mandate to engage with policy at all levels of the government. Particular emphasis is placed on localised policy engagements at a subnational level (for e.g. state, province, city, district levels) as subnational policy engagements can result in:

  • Increased effectiveness of capacity-building programmes at a local level
  • Achieve timeliness and urgency of localised collaboration with less systemic delays
  • Deepen place-based understanding of distinct contextual needs and conditions of smaller, local areas

This recognition warrants a similar approach to the level of policymakers AVPN engages with and provides an opportunity for us to meet capacity-building needs for this particular group of policymakers. Hence, the targeted profile of Policy Fellows includes the following description:

  • Provincial, mayoral levels of government (e.g. Mayors, Deputy Governors)
  • District Collectors/Commissioners, Municipal Corporation heads, State Secretaries
  • City government officials, heads of government-established agencies or foundations
  • Director and deputy levels in national governments and agencies
  • Director and deputy levels in quasi-governmental organisations
  • Heads of civic sector organisations that play a central role in social economy policies

All AVPN Members and Partners are invited to nominate policymakers and/or policy partners in their network who may be a potential candidate for the AVPN Policy Leadership Lab 2020/21 Cohort here. Nominations are currently still accepted.

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