ChangeFusion – Mutually Building the Mutual Fund


This case study by AVPN documents the journey of a multi-sectoral collaboration towards the establishment of a mutual fund governed by the principles of Environment, Society, Good Governance, and Anti-Corruption in Thailand. In face of ongoing issues in the deal pipeline and the supply of viable social enterprises in Asia, the Bangkok-based intermediary ChangeFusion has stepped up to be a pioneer in creating an ecosystem for social enterprises through collaborations with businesses and governments, thus making entrepreneurial success more sustainable. Realizing that capable people are often deterred from working for or founding social enterprises, ChangeFusion’s co-founder Sunit Shrestha implemented solutions to not just locate but also to pave the way for social enterprises, thus elevating the entire Thai social enterprise ecosystem. ChangeFusion aims to achieve two goals: to make social entrepreneurship more attractive to youngsters, and to work with governments and business entities such as the stock exchange to make the ecosystem more attractive and to nurture and sustain the pipeline.