Innovative Pro-Poor Healthcare Financing and Delivery Models

This report describes 33 innovative financing and delivery programs selected based on their relevance to broader health systems and potential to achieve positive impact for poor people. While these programs range from donor-driven initiatives to large-scale government-subsidized efforts to for-profit businesses, they all involve active participation by the private health sector. The companion to this report (Public Stewardship of Private Providers in Mixed Health Systems) provides an overview of the Rockefeller Foundation’s broader initiative in the private sector. It focuses on how governments can better steward the large private health markets in developing countries. One key recommendation is that governments should support innovative models that can be implemented in the face of capacity constraints and serve as a stepping stone to broader reforms. This report of current private sector health innovations identified programs that, while falling short of broad health systems reforms, have the potential to improve health markets and equity in those markets. These interventions typically build on existing structures, attempting pragmatically to improve them rather than replace them.

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