Study of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems in South East and East Asian Countries – Country Analysis: Thailand


This Thai country analysis is part of a series on the social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystems in Asian countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The comparative study provides a global analytical framework on characteristics, trends, challenges, and lessons learnt for building a supportive social enterprise ecosystem that bolsters social innovation in the different focus countries. Despite the rise in Thai people’s expectations about social enterprises, the country currently lacks organizations that offer ample grants, equities, and loans to social enterprises. On the other hand, expansion of the social enterprise ecosystem and development of an environment conducive to social innovation essentially require adequate involvement of public institutions, especially the Thai government. However, considering the past history of political turmoil and if history is likely to repeat itself, then private organizations joining forces to establish a semi-public institution may be a worthwhile consideration as a promising alliance in this unique political context.