National Network on Climate Change and Sustainability

The initiative aims to mitigate climate change and achieve environmental sustainability on the agenda through creation of platforms for citizen engagement and Government (all 3 levels) partnerships.



Create simplified content on climate change to deliver civic learning on sustainability and imbibe climate consciousness amongst the public

Catalyse large-scale citizen participation in the sustainability agenda at a neighborhood level, including engagement of school students through an entrepreneurial, problem-solving approach

Create a network of mayors, city-leaders and domain experts; and partnerships with all levels of Government to adopt a systems approach to climate change mitigation and sustainability


Climate Change experts will guide in the creation of learning content for different categories of stakeholders. They will simplify climate science and localise carbon reduction targets to incentivise small-scale, community-driven climate mitigation projects.

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Climate change and sustainability experts will guide in the development of an interactive online portal for citizens to track their personal carbon footprint through usage of private transport, electricity consumption, water usage and relevant parameters, and provide tips to reduce carbon footprint to encourage personal engagement and contribution at an individual level.

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The portal will crowdsource spatial information on quality of life indicators (e.g: air quality, open spaces, lakes, etc.) and service levels (e.g: share of non-motorised transport, access to bus stops, street quality scores). Expert advisors in data management will guide in the use of collected data to support a framework for urban adaptation research and planning.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 13 - Climate Action


This initiative will operate at the intersection of (a) sustainability and climate change, (b) citizenship and democracy, and (c) city governance reforms, thus putting the sustainability agenda centre-stage, at the same time ensuring that systems and institutions of city governance are the levers of change to ensure long-term transformation.

A key component of the initiative is to create a mayor and city leaders engagement platform to catalyse leadership by local governments on addressing climate change challenges. Globally, there is growing recognition of the fact that cities need to be at the forefront of climate mitigation and adaptation. However, India’s political leaders and public have not realized the severity of the threat. This initiative aims to capture the public consciousness on climate change and to create a network of political leaders, CSOs and other stakeholders to implement systemic reforms to tackle climate change.




November 2019
  • Enter into partnerships with schools (50), colleges (10) and companies (10) for engagement with students and employees through interactive sessions and workshops
December 2019


  • Develop a beta version of an online volunteering platform for citizens to participate on local volunteering activities at a neighborhood level, and an interactive online portal for citizens to track their personal carbon footprint
March 2020
  • Creation of a network of CSOs, SMEs and other stakeholders to scale and magnify impact of advocacy initiative.

Initiative Lead
Anil Nair Head - Reforms Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy

Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy ( was founded by Swati Ramanathan and Ramesh Ramanathan in December 2001. It is registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. Janaagraha s mission is to transform the quality of life in India s cities and towns. We work with citizens to catalyse active…

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