Project Catalyst (Scaling up vocational education as part of Secondary Schools in PPP mode)

Three-way, public-private partnership, where the non-profit (Lend A Hand India) delivers technical and domain expertise, funded by private capital (JPMorgan Chase Foundation) and backed by the state governments’ (Delhi) policymaking power to scale up vocational education in the state



Institutionalise and scale up vocational education in 1000+ schools across NCT of Delhi

To place 5000+ students in internships

For 5000+ students to opt for advanced vocational education post the 12th grade


Replicating the similar model to outside India (especially emerging/developing economies)

  • Introduction of vocational education as part of secondary/higher secondary school curriculum
  • PPP to scale up with government funding

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Scaling up of the vocational education in other states of India

Introducing Innovations – Internships, Application of Technology as part of the program

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Work with other states/civil society organizations to implement similar partnerships

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 01 - No Poverty
  • 04 - Quality Education
  • 05 - Gender Equality
  • 08 - Decent Work and Economic Growth


Lend A Hand India embeds its staff within the state department of education, so as to provide technical and project management support to state goverment efforts to offer vocational education opportunities to its students. Lend A Hand India’s staff workes side by side with government staff, to prepare a long-term strategic roadmap, draft funding proposals, and launch the initiative. This is at no cost to the government. JPMorgan Chase Foundation is financially supporting Lend A Hand India for this initiative. This is a three-way, public-private partnership, where the nonprofit delivers technical and domain expertise, funded by private capital and backed by the central and state governments’ policymaking power. Currently it covers 82,000+ students covered from 273 high schools across Delhi.


Government of Delhi NCT – Department of Education: Owner of the program, runs the schools where the program will be implemented

JP Morgan Chase Foundation: Provide financial support to Lend A Hand India (NGO) to execute

Lend A Hand India: NGO focused on integrating vocational education with mainstream education in grades 9-12 since 2006. Provides the domain expertise and currently working in 22 states across India covering 4500+ schools in partnership with state government


June 2019
  • Vocational Education introduced in 500+ schools across Delhi
Dec 2019
  • 5000+ students secure internship
June 2020
  • Vocational Education made universal as part of secondary education across Delhi

Initiative Lead
Raj Gilda Co-founder Lend A Hand India

Lend A Hand India, established in 2004-05 is focused on integration of vocational education in the secondary and higher secondary school curriculum in India – thereby bridging the gap between what one learns in school versus what is required in real life. Currently, it is working across India in 12…

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