Shikshak Sahyogi Dal

The Shikshak Sahyogi Dal is a support cadre (of teacher mentors/coaches) from within PMC that develops teachers in pedagogical skills across 185 Marathi medium schools. The Model Schools aim to improve the quality of learning, and has plans to scale across 13 schools.



PMC creates a teacher training department that includes Sahyogis to continue providing the in-service teacher development & support

PMC creates a model of effective public private partnership to overhaul its exisiting structures and processes that can improve accountability among officers and teachers.

PMC can evaluate all the quality interventions that are being implemented through public private partnerships as well as the initiatives that are mandated by the state government


The model involves collaborating with NGO partners, while Pune City Connect works as a backbone organization. The budget per year for the PMC Education transformation initiative programme is approximately ₹1.5 crore/year.

Following interventions will be supported through this capital:
• Balwadi Intervention (pre-
• Primary Intervention (Grade
1 to 5)
• Secondary intervention
(Grade 6 to 8)
• Impact evaluation

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PCC is planning to set up a project management unit (PMU) for PMC. The PMU will work closely with the Municipal Commissioner, Additional municipal commissioner and the Administrative officer of the PMC Education department to strengthen the existing processes & structures and evaluate the quality interventions.

Support required will include:
• Creating project documents: Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & closing
• Creating policy documents
• Third party impact evaluation

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Volunteers who can collaborate with the field team in evaluating the efficacy of the structures and processes created

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Social Causes
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 04 - Quality Education


PMC schools are currently facing an existential crisis – dropping student enrolments along with poor student learning outcomes. PCC has partnered with PMC to create sustainable and scalable initiatives that can solve this problem.


One of the cause identified was poor teaching-learning practices of PMC teachers. PCC has supported PMC to create a cadre of master trainers (Sahyogis) who would train and provide in classroom support to the teachers. The Sahyogis were selected from the pool of existing high performing teachers in PMC schools through a competitive selection process.

Along with this initiative, a need was felt to create proof points of effective classroom and school level practices that can enhance the student enrolment, attendance and achievement levels. Thus PCC started the model school project in partnership with the PMC to create a model of effective school system & practices that can be scaled through the Sahyogi Dal project.


Leadership for Equity: Project implementation and support

QUEST: Technical resource partner for Math & Marathi programmes for primary grades (1 to 5)

Anjali Gokhale (Consultant): School readiness programme & elergent literacy programme for pre-primary grades

Gram Mangal: Technical resource partner for Math & Marathi programmes for Grade 6 to 8

Nalanda: Tablet based content and platform for implementing Math programmes for grade 6

ISLI: HM leadership and development support

Centre for Learning Resources: Programme to improve English reading and writing skills


March 2020
  • End line assessment to measure the efficacy of the intervention in primary grades
June 2020
  • Improvement in student enrolment rates in the model schools
March 2021
  • Sahyogi Dal Project is institutionalized

Initiative Lead
Ruchi Mathur CEO Pune City Connect

The idea behind Pune City Connect is to enable various forces for social development that are already operating in the city, to come together with a common vision. These forces are: Government (Pune Municipal Corporation), Corporates (via CSR), NGOs (subject matter experts) and Citizens (via Volunteering). When operating in isolation,…

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