The Lighthouses of Pune

The Lighthouses of Pune is a sustainable livelihood program for the urban disadvantaged youth that aims to inspire agency in youth and foster workplace competencies for better livelihoods outcomes.



Economic growth triggered by skilled and empowered youth entering the job market.

Fostering a culture of “oneness” in society leading to overall social transformation of the Ward (through the collaborative involvement of volunteers, government and program participants)

Development of transformed communities that take responsibility for individual & collective goals through the emergence of youth leadership


To structure a PPP model for sustainable livelihoods by establishing Lighthouses (sustainable livelihoods and skill development centres) to promote digital empowerment in each ward of Pune city.

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To set up Digital Literacy centres

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The Lighthouses of Pune is a sustainable livelihood program for the urban disadvantaged youth. By fostering Agency and workplace competencies and skills in youth, the Lighthouse unleashes social and economic transformation in the communities that the youth come from.

The manner in which we achieve this is by providing a platform for collaboration among primary stakeholders of the city. It is a public private partnership that empowers the Government, Corporates, NGOs and Citizens to cooperate towards changing lives.

Young adults who enrol in the Lighthouse are from financially adverse communities where skipping from one job to another becomes the norm. The Lighthouse plans to transform ‘an attempting to survive’ outlook to ‘attempting to thrive’ attitude where young people can perceive their aspirations and work towards success in the long haul.


  1. Pune Municipal Corporation: The partnership with Pune Municipal Corporation is a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model to enable inclusive and equitable growth in Pune city. PMC is the anchor partner for Pune City Connect
  2. Pune City Connect: Pune City Connect is a ‘CSR partner’ for PMC, for raising funding from corporates for the selected development tracks.
  3. Atos, Aspirify Energy, Gits, HSBC, HDFC Bank, JetSynthesys, Tata Consultancy Services, Principal: Corporate partners that bear the operational expenditures that is required for running the Lighthouse centres


March 2021
  • One Lighthouse in each of the 15 administrative wards in Pune
March 2021
  • Community transformation across all 486 communities of Pune
March 2021
  • 25000 youth with agency and skills

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