Vaghaldhara Vocational Training Center

To become a pioneer centre of excellence in the area of vocational skills by offering industry needs-based, high quality technical skills training, soft skills development and employment assistance to tribal youths.



Improved livelihood

Poverty alleviation

Social harmony


To offer skills training programmes for tribal youth, close the skilled manpower gap in Gujarat, increase self-sufficiency and self-reliance amongst tribal youth, and monitor and evaluate impact of vocational training courses

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To expand vocational workshops, provide technical skills, establish a Livelihood Counselling Cell at each VTC, create a website, dashboard, and Mobile app for courses offered, raise awareness, and prepare a road map for future action
Piloting this project will redefine the livelihood policies targeted at tribal youth in Gujarat, determine if any adjustments to the program are necessary, and surface unforeseen challenges during its implementation.

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Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana was launched in 2007 under the Eleventh Plan for the development of tribal areas in Gujarat. It is transforming existing livelihoods development interventions and improving the provision of quality education infrastructure in these areas.

The Initiative also aims to double the income of all tribal families including migrant tribal families and particularly vulnerable Tribal Groups by facilitating economic growth in villages by providing basic facilities such as roads and energy network. Vaghaldhara VTC is an autonomous delivery channel of the Tribal Welfare Scheme of Gujarat.


Vaghaldhara Vocational Training Center:  

  • Implement and draft Vocational Training Policy as per Government’s framework
  • Identify needed resources and recruit effective participants
  • Ensure project goals are delivered on time and within budget

Centre for Social Science, Surat: 

  • Technical Input
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation


End of 1st month
  • Survey
  • Team Training
  • Revisiting Scope of Work
End of 3rd month
  • Create Dynamic Interactive Website, App, IEC Material
End of 6th month
  • Study of Comparative Policies
  • Establishment of Counselling Center
End of 9th month
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Draft Policy
  • Enforcement
  • Future Actions