Promoting Vocational Education through a Special Purpose Vehicle with Goverment of Jharkhand

PanIIT was nominated as strategic non-profit joint venture partner with the Government of Jharkhand for a special purpose vehicle (SPV) in Skill development and Livelihood creation for Market driven self-sustainable training.



Train and place 7500-10000 per annum youth from underpriviledged section of society in blue-collared jobs

To shift to the current ITI system to a market-based paradigm for both students and employers

To expand the current SPV model to other states for scale-up


To be part of a network and platform of corporates that provides job placements for candidates seeking employment with employment opportunities based on demands of the industry

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On a voluntary basis, provide resources from academic institutions for content curation and certification

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Connect to social investors and other philanthropists for support and resources to achieve scale and forge  institutionalised partnerships

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PanIIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation is promoted by Pan-IITian alumni and headquartered in IIT Bombay. With its successful body of work to showcase, the organization has a good overall public perception .The same is backed by awards- recognitions and milestones:

  • NSDC award as most promising partner in 2014
  • Loan-based gurukul model featured by NABARD -Swiss Development Corporation
  • Only organization in Skills, Vocational Education and Livelihoods that has been nominated for non-profit SPV with state government
  • Featured in National Geographic in a case study on 5 skill development institutions creating social impact


  1. Government of Jharkhand: Special purpose vehicle with Fundamental alignment of mission-level objectives of development of the local citizenry through vocational Education & Job linkage that leads to political mileage as well
  2. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD): Revolving fund assistance partner facilitating skill loans to beneficiaries
  3. National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC): Debt funding partner
  4. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII): Employment linkages partner


March 2020

  • Achieving  a  milestone  of  training  and  placing  7500-10000  candidate per  annum  in  a  good  quality,  wellpaid,  with  good  work  conditions  blue-collared  jobs

June 2020

  • Starting  with  6  ITI  Kaushal  colleges  in  Nursing,  Manufacturing  and  Commis  Chef  sector

March 2021

  • Entering into  an  SPV  with  a less developed state  of  the  country  to institutionalise its development

Initiative Lead
Kalyan Chakravarthy Founding Sevak & Executive Director PanIIT Alumni Reach For India foundation

PanIIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation or PanIIT Foundation is a section 25 company registered in India. PanIIT Foundation is committed to the goal of empowering the disadvantaged youth by implementing amp; scaling self sustainable models that enhance incomes of the underprivileged. PanIIT Foundation aims to bridge the gap between…

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