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AVPN Policy works with social investors to partner with policy stakeholders to drive greater public-private collaborations for greater impact. Join us to begin the journey of true cross-sector collaboration by learning about our policy events, taking action on policy initiatives on APFx and exploring our resources.


AVPN Policy is a collaborative effort that offers a convening platform, a community of champions of the social economy and practical learning opportunities to support governments, policymakers and policy influencers to build an enabling environment for the social economy to flourish.

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AVPN Social Economy Policy Framework

5 Policymaker Impact Areas


Greater social impact and sustainable development needs the full force of effective policies as those decisions can catalyse or stunt the growth of socially impactful investments and related forms of capital. We invite you to consider how policy can affect the social economy in 5 impact areas. Join us in gathering perspectives and resources from various stakeholders mapped aligned with our Social Economy Policy Framework.

Leadership and Alliances

Establishing leadership and building alliances within and outside the government to take ownership over the social economy agenda

E.g. Policy statements, Cross-ministry committees, Public private sector alliances, Multilateral agency committees

Capacity Building

Enabling policies to build up the capabilities and knowledge of key stakeholders in social economy to create greater social impact

E.g. Investment in building centres for excellence, capability development of social entrepreneurs, knowledge development, incubators and accelerators

Capital Mobilisation

Enhancing policies that unlock or mobilise capital that fund social economy initiatives and stakeholders, across a continuum of capital instruments

E.g. Government-funded social investment funds, matching incentives for social investment, tax incentives, government grant programmes, unlocking CSR capital

Market Building

Developing a policy environment to create market opportunities for social businesses to improve their revenue opportunities and market outreach

E.g. Social procurement, trademarking, consumer platforms, advocacy campaigns, data collection and analysis


Policies that introduce legislation and regulations that impact the social economy, including but not limited to fiscal and monetary policy measures

E.g. Certification system, legal framework and recognition, legal structure, philanthropy regulations, social investment regulations, small business regulations