About APF

What is Asia Policy Forum
The Asia Policy Forum (APF) is a collaborative effort that offers a convening platform, a community of champions of the social economy and practical learning opportunities to support governments, policymakers and policy influencers to build an enabling environment for the social economy to flourish.

APF builds on AVPN’s on-going work in convening Asian government officials with policy makers and influencers, venture philanthropists, impact investors, foundations, corporates, social entrepreneurs and other key players in the social economy in Asia. This community will explore best practices in cross-sector collaboration for policies that increase social impact.

Other critical partners form the pillars of this work: the British Council’s work across East and South Asia in supporting governments to develop policy to enhance the impact of social enterprises and to increase the flow of social investment to grow and scale impact. BMW Foundation also supports the programme to further develop the close work with policymakers across Asia. Representing the collaborative nature of APF, another corporate partner is Credit Suisse, who aims to bring about social impact through systemic change. The impact of APF on development progress on Asian economies is further underscored by our partnership with UNESCAP.



Annual Summit
Building on the success of the 2016 inaugural event, which attracted more than 80 delegates from over 15 countries, the Asia Policy Forum will continue this convening, enabling the government representatives to learn and share with each other and engage with other sectors that are represented at the AVPN Annual Conference. Learn more about the 2016 and 2017 APF Annual Meeting here.
One Voice
APF will work on further partnerships with pan-regional organisations and development agencies like the UN organisations, ASEAN, APEC, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, to form a cohesive, recognised voice for Asian policymakers on social investing.
Asian Social Economy Policy Framework
A preliminary paper that explains AVPN’s view on the 5 ways that policy can impact the social economy, further supported by case study examples of government-driven initiatives that illustrate the impact policies have on the social economy.
APF Online Platform
A digital library will be created for APF that will host the research, reports, database, showcase our events etc, with special password-protected areas for APF members for exclusive resources.
Local Roundtables, Seminars and Workshops
Hosted in-country capacity building activities that provide local policymakers and other multi-sector representation from AVPN stakeholders to learn from best practices and diverse perspectives on a policy topic, encouraging cross-sector appreciation and collaboration.
Cross-Border Policy Learnings
Upon request and commission, APF can curate a fruitful experience for policymakers seeking to learn from sector experts and policymakers from other countries.
Working Groups
Based on community interest, AVPN can curate a cross-sector multi-disciplinary working group drawing from the diversity of our membership and policymaker community, to support deeper inquiry into a specific policy topic.


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For more information, please contact us at policy@avpn.asia