Adinindyah Arya Wisnutama

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About Adinindyah Arya Wisnutama
  • Chairperson, LAWE

Adinindyah is the chairperson of LAWE, a community social enterprise whose mission is to empower women through the conservation of local traditions.
The success of LAWE has inspired her to spread the idea among her network to extend the impact by developing Sisterhood of LAWE. In this program, a sister is assisted by LAWE in the process of building their own brand with their local traditional fabric.
Under Terasmitra Institute with the support of Global Environment Facility – Small Grant Programme Indonesia, Adinindyah also developed Weaving for Life programme, a movement for increasing the Indonesia's women voice through traditional hand-woven. The other programme she developed is Zero Waste Programme by LAWE Craft Class that gives training and technical assistant for women and children groups to develop product using textile waste. This program extended to become university curriculum called Creativepreneur Class, implemented at Gadjah Mada University and Duta Wacana Christian University.
She also serve as ILO-SCORE Program Coach for micro, small, medium enterprise in Indonesia, and now pursuing the International Certification of ILO-SCORE Coach.
Adinindyah holds ST degrees from the Faculty of Architecture of Gadjah Mada University. Following her studies, she worked in a design consultancy company as the project leader. Her passion in developing people took her to serve as a national focal point of NonTimber Forest Product – Indonesia.