Agnes Arbon

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About Agnes Arbon
  • Web Content Administrator, AVPN

Agnes Arbon is Web Content Administrator at AVPN. She supports the Technology team in managing user profiles as well as providing technical support to the team and external users. She also supports the Deal Share Team in listing deals on the Deal Share Platform and collecting data for the DSP Newsletter. She also assists in updating contents on the AVPN website and microsites.

Agnes is also responsible for managing the registration of AVPN Conference participants.

Prior to joining AVPN, Agnes worked with ITCAN Pte Ltd where she oversees the development of a web-based finance module for Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd and CISCAP Panasonic Asia. She had also worked with NCS Pte Ltd and Expertise Technologies Pte Ltd to develop, test, troubleshoot and maintain programs and modules, and also to provide e-mail, system, and server technical support for National Library Board (NLB), SPRING Singapore, Attorney-General's Chamber and Housing Development Board (HDB).

Agnes graduated from University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines with a degree of BS Mathematics Major in Computer Science.