Alan Wang

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About Alan Wang
  • CEO, Shanghai Better Education Development Center

On 13 July 2009, Alan, together with his friends, founded Better Education – the first non-profit organization in China dedicated to financial education for children and youth. After only a year and a half, with 8 full-time staff and many dedicated volunteers in the team, Better Education has become the largest local NGO to promote Child and Youth Finance in China. In 2010, its child social and financial education program was included in Southern Weekend’s list of China’s public welfare projects of happiness (with a circulation of 1.4 million readers each week, Southern Weekend is the largest weekly newspaper in China focused on social issues). Better Education’s financial programs cover more than 50,000 students in 9 cities. It has attracted sponsorship from corporate foundations and local government including Citi Foundation, Barclays Capital Asia, G-Star Foundation, Narada Foundation, and Shanghai Pudong Civil Affairs Bureau, among others.

From 2005 to 2010, Alan was Executive Director of 21st Century Education Research Institute, a leading private think tank on education in China. Alan has profound working experience in the NGO field, with a very strong network in the education field in China. In the past 6 years, Alan has been in charge of many education projects all over the country sponsored by Ford Foundation, Citi Foundation, Oxfam Hong Kong, and Narada Foundation, among others.

In 1999-2004, before he stepped into the non-profit field, Alan was General Manager of BuzzCity China, subsidiary to Singaporean IT company BuzzCity Pte ( He also has 2 years’ working experience in Singapore.