Albert Li

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About Albert Li
  • Managing Director, The Good Impact Investing (Pte) Ltd

Mr. Albert Li is the Managing Director of THE GOOD Impact Investing Pte Limited, Singapore. THE GOOD is a social venture fund that invests in social ventures and microfinance institutions (MFIs), renewable energy around the world. Its main social objective is to provide essential financial services to those living in extreme poverty, and one day to eradicate poverty for good. In addition to direct investment in social ventures, it is also a full-service and value-adding firm that conducts deal sourcing, on-site due diligence, project consultancy and social impact measurement. Albert is a committee member of One For All Charity Foundation Ltd., a Hong Kong-registered nonprofit that focuses on social advocacy and social enterprise investments. He serves at the advisory board of the Oxford Impact Investing programme and is also a certified microfinance trainer.