Anastacia Howe

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About Anastacia Howe
  • Myanmar Representative, AVPN

Anastacia is AVPN's representative on the ground in Myanmar. She has spent at least 10 years in Myanmar and is the founder and director of Conyat Create, a women led social change agency committed to creating connections, building partnerships and shaping the conversation on sustainability in Myanmar. Conyat Create partners with businesses to help them address and identify environmental and social risks as well as opportunities while equipping them to tell their story and reveal their impact along the way. Throughout the process, businesses build their internal capacity and learn to foster partnerships with their communities.

Anastasia’s passion for community engagement and development started when she lived and work alongside ethnic communities in West Sumatra designing and managing community based health programs as well as disaster management. Following the Padang Earthquake and Mentawai Tsunami in 2010 she trained volunteers and coordinated emergency response efforts focusing on impact analysis and community engagement. With this experience, she has spent the last 7 years in Myanmar managing the corporate responsibility and communicationstrategy at MPRL E&P, developing and shaping sustainability strategies with a particular focus on sustainable project designs and stakeholder engagement. In this role she was instrumental in leading the development of the country’s first multi-stakeholder approach to grievance mechanisms, a tool used to promote
community participation and decision making developing partnerships in the process.

Anastacia holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University.