Anita Ahmad

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About Anita Ahmad
  • Head, Community Development, Yayasan Hasanah

At the philanthropic foundation of Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund, Anita Ahmad is focused on developing a hub of impact-led civil society partners to bring about long-term positive social change in the lives of low-income and marginalized communities. With these partners, she has begun piloting innovative holistic approaches to poverty alleviation to enable communities to be economically, socially and environmentally resilient so that they are empowered to address multidimensional, intergenerational challenges. To improve the effectiveness of their work, Ahmad used her fellowship to identify and examine how corporate foundations and non-profit organizations strategically strengthen community development, specifically through improving the socioeconomic status of poor urban communities. Ahmad’s goal is to strengthen and refine two of Hasanah’s pilot programs, which currently provide adults with skills training and coaching to increase employment and household income; and children underperforming in schools with supplementary education and activities.

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