Anne Laure

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About Anne Laure
  • Community & Space Manager, The Hub

Anne Laure is the Community and Space Manager at The Hub Singapore. An agronomist engineer by training, she holds a double Masters Degree in Agricultural Science (food and environment) and Sociology and Rural Economy.

Her career started in the NGO emergency and development field. Anne-Laure has worked in Africa on food security projects, and in South America helping farming communities with structure and added access to market opportunities. She has also provided organisational expertise to entities working with vulnerable groups such as malnourished children and underprivileged families.

Following her work in Africa and South America, she returned to France to work as a consultant in organisational change. She has supported the restructuring of the National Immigration social services (the equivalent of the French NPDT), the French national council for refugees and asylum seekers, and many other social services.

Due to her expertise, she has also been involved in change management for MNCs in the air and space industries, water industry, and insurance, amongst others.

In Asia, Anne-Laure is passionate about developing her expertise on the BoP (Base of the Pyramid), social business, and cross-sectorial collaboration. She loves adventures, comics, and outdoor sports!