Ariel Xu

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About Ariel Xu
  • China Manager, AVPN

Ariel has worked as the Secretary General of China Social Investment Forum (China SIF) and China Network Coordinator of UNEP FI.

She has also been the impact fellow in China of LGT Impact, a global impact investor focusing on private equity investments in developing and emerging countries, to support the impact integration of its portfolio organizations. She served as the CSR director of one portfolio company.

Prior to that, she was the CSR manager to develop innovative Social Finance products of CreditEase, leading fintech and wealth management company, as well as program director of China Initiative of Social Finance, an international think-tank jointly started by Beijing Normal University and CreditEase; Senior officer of China Association of Microfinance and focused on promoting Social Performance Management in China, providing technical support and training to member organizations.

She has a master from the School of Economics and Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and an MBA from Freeman School of Management, Tulane University.