Ashish Karamchandani

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About Ashish Karamchandani
  • Managing Director, FSG

Ashish brings over 20 years of experience across strategy consulting and global development, and co-leads the Inclusive Markets approach area at FSG.

Ashish focuses on using market-based solutions to drive sustainable social change. His emphasis has been on multi-year programs which seek to build and scale inclusive business models to address sector specific development challenges. He is currently initiating an effort to build the market for affordable high-quality early childhood education in urban India. He has authored several influential reports on inclusive businesses.

Ashish is the founder of Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM), a social action unit within Monitor. He pioneered MIM’s market-based approach to addressing the world’s development challenges and worked across multiple sectors. Ashish led an extensive effort to facilitate a new ownership housing industry to serve low-income urban households, a potential market worth over $220 billion, working with entrepreneurs, developers, finance companies, major corporations, and the government. Ashish has also explored opportunities for supply-side solutions to India’s sanitation challenge. Prior to founding MIM, Ashish started, developed, and led Monitor Group’s consulting business in India.