Bomi Yu

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About Bomi Yu
  • Investment / Accelerating Manager, Sopoong

Bomi Yu is currently working to discover rising startups that focus on solving societal issues, recruit investment, and grow businesses at SOPOONG, a social enterprise accelerator. Her responsibilities include operating the Gender Lens Investing process at SOPOONG, and her main area of interest is expanding such process within the ecosystem of startups and investment funds. She took her first step in her career as a starting member of a startup during which she gained knowledge and experience about this ecosystem. She proceeded to participate in projects to empower female leaders in Korea’s rapidly growing tech industry at a nonprofit organization, Girls in Tech Seoul.

Founded in 2008, SOPOONG is a social enterprise accelerator which seeks and supports new innovations to solve societal problems in a faster, more sustainable, and more fundamental way. SOPOONG invests in social ventures that offer solutions to various issues in our society and provides assistance in developing ventures in their early stage to speed up their growth. SOPOONG is especially concentrating on innovative ways to solve issues of the seniors, the agriculture industry, residential problems, education, gender equality, and environmental concerns.

SOPOONG is striving to find balance in the uneven investment field through Gender Lens Investing since 2018.