Cathy Sheng

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About Cathy Sheng
  • Vice President, China Social Enterprise and Investment Forum (CSEIF)

CSEIF is committed to advocating for a supportive ecosystem to promote the social enterprise and impact investment sector in China. Cathy joined CSEIF as the Executive Secretary General in March 2016. She was responsible for the overall operation of CSEIF,leading on major projects such as CSEIF Annual Conference (2016-2018), China Social Enterprise and Impact Investment Awards (2017-2018), China Social Enterprise and Investment Sector Mapping Research (2019), and collaborating with various partners on other projects. Cathy has taken up the role of Vice President since March 2019.

Before joining CSEIF, Cathy was Society Project Manager at British Council Beijing and part of the Social Enterprise Project Team managing the Skills for Social Entrepreneurship Programme. She also designed and ran the British Council Social Investment Platform, a pioneer in China. Before working on the Social Entrepreneurship Programme, she was responsible for the British Council China’s Climate Change and Sustainability Programme, leveraging climate change contents to develop youth leadership and influence on policies.