AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023

Christine Kwan


HKCSS Impact Giving


Christine Kwan has 20+ years of experience in working with donors. She has led WiseGiving since its inception and dedicated her time in promoting effective partnerships between donors and charities. Christine has developed and managed giving programmes that build sustainable social assets by leveraging donors' resources to address social needs. Signature programmes include Li Ka Shing Foundation's "Love Ideas Love HK" and "The March of Social Engineers", the Commission on Poverty's "Future Stars - Upward Mobility Scholarship" and “HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme". She is also the charity advisor to “Operation Santa Claus”, the annual charity campaign jointly run by SCMP & RTHK. Christine advises family foundations on governance structure and giving strategies. She has worked with individual donors on their giving in Hong Kong and Mainland China, helping them conduct due diligence and project audit on the ground. Christine has worked on the Social Welfare Department’s Task Group on the Regulation of Solicitation of Signed Authorisation Forms, on the Law Reform Commission's Charities Sub-committee on the public consultation of charity law, served on the board of charitable trust funds administered by the Home Affairs Bureau, consulted by the ICAC in developing the Best Practice Checklist on "Management of Charities and Fund Raising Activities", as well as the Security Bureau in developing the "Advisory Guideline on Preventing the Misuse of Charities for Terrorist Financing". Christine holds a MA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.