Daniel de Gruijter

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About Daniel de Gruijter
  • Cofounder & CEO, Incitement

Incitement‘s strategic direction is led by Daniel‘s bold and visionary business approach, one that constantly innovates, constantly disrupts.

His entrepreneurial zeal led him to cofound Incitement where he continues to lead as CEO, captaining the team, pursuing operational excellence, and implementing strategies to grow Incitement's financial and social returns.

Daniel started his entrepreneurial journey even before graduating. On the side he launched a online startup consulting SMEs on their digital strategies. After that he went on to growing multi-million dollar businesses and tech projects as Head of Marketing at Mindvalley. Followed by that he worked directly with the National Strategy Unit and Ministry of Finance of Malaysia, implementing large-scale, multi-national sustainable development programmes across South East Asia.

Daniel has been internationally recognized and awarded for his work with Incitement in terms of sustainable impact, innovative entrepreneurship, and brand leadership. He has a track record of working on top-level government initiatives & large-scale sustainable development programmes for corporate partners like FedEx, L'Oreal, Pepsico, Nestlé, Cummins, BP, and more.