Darren Ho

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About Darren Ho
  • Head of Farmers, Citizen Farm

I am a BSc majoring in Natural Resource Management graduate from UWA, with a focus on agriculture, town planning and sustainability. I was previously a finance diploma holder but made the jump to work closer with nature because I am unable to sit still for long and nature offers so much more!

I have been working in various farms for the past 5 years across South East Asia and Australia, ranging from 1 month to 7 months. I did stints in a dairy, a broad acre & grazing, mushroom, organic vegetables, rice plantation, rooftop, hydroponics and indoor farms.

My current role as the project lead for an urban farm in Singapore allows me to utilise the lessons I learnt in university and tap on my various farming experience to create a one of a kind close-loop urban farming facility.

The name of the farm is called Citizen Farm. It is a high tech driven but socially inclusive farming model that allows the employment of marginalised community.