Duncan Macintosh

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About Duncan Macintosh
  • CEO & Executive Director, APNIC Foundation

As CEO of the APNIC Foundation, Duncan is focused on a wide range of Internet development activities including training, technical assistance, cyber security and a grants and awards program supporting social enterprises focused on innovative uses of Internet technologies for development. APNIC is the Internet registry for the 56 economies of the Asia Pacific. With over 5,400 members, APNIC provides number resources to the region’s ISPs, telcos, and the corporate and educational sectors in support of its vision of a global, open, stable, and secure Internet that serves the entire Asia Pacific community.

Before joining APNIC, Duncan worked in Asia for 25 years in the development and media sectors with a particular focus on the use of science and technology in development.  He’s lived and worked in Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. His main professional interests are the Internet and its role in development but he has also spent 14 years studying the world of rice.