Emilie Röell

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About Emilie Röell
  • Myanmar Representative, AVPN

Emilie Röell is AVPN’s representative on the ground in Myanmar. She has been based in Myanmar since early 2013 as a social entrepreneur and development consultant working on heritage and nature conservation. She is the founder of Doh Eain (“Our Home”) a social enterprise aimed at helping heritage home owners unlock and preserve the value of their properties, and of Yangon City Growers, an urban farming initiative aimed at stimulating local and organic food production. As a consultant she is working/has worked for the EU, UNDP, WWF, IUCN and a number of other INGOs and local civil society groups in Myanmar, as well as in the Pacific and Tanzania. Prior to moving overseas she worked with the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands, and was a member of the National ThinkTank of the Netherlands.

Emilie studied at Leiden University, the University of California at Berkeley and at University College Utrecht and holds three Master degrees in Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology, Political Philosophy (Cum Laude) and Religion Studies (Cum Laude), and a Bachelor degree in Development Studies (Honors).