Geoff Revell

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About Geoff Revell
  • Founder, WaterSHED

WaterSHED uses a systems-approach to build the rural market for water, sanitation, and hygiene products and services across Southeast Asia. Based in Cambodia, WaterSHED uses in-depth research to identify strategic opportunities and gaps in the wider system, and then strengthen the capacity and relationships between key actors to create a more dynamic and resilient market. Geoff Revell oversees WaterSHED's programs and activities in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Geoff has nearly 15 years of combined experience in business development and entrepreneurship, water resource management, and water supply and sanitation. He previously worked at the World Bank Group on water sector projects in Cambodia, India, and in sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to that, Mr. Revell spent four years on the start-up team at a software firm based in Canada, now a unit of CA, Inc. He has consulted for various international organizations, including the International Finance Corporation and the Organization for American States, and presently sits on the board of two international development NGOs based in the U.S. and Canada. Mr. Revell holds a business degree from the University of Calgary and a master’s degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University – SAIS in Washington, DC.