AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023

Justine Lin


Jen & Lin Educational Foundation


I am Justine Lin, the CEO of Jen & Lin Edu. Foundation. And also my role is “A mother of three children.” There are many frustrations and struggles in the journey of parenting. When I saw the long-term contribution of the Jen & Lin Educational Foundation to Taiwanese society, I joined Jen & Lin and participated in the promotion of the movement of love and the issues of physical and mental health actively. It is my pleasure to be a member of AVPN. I hope that through mutual understanding and communication, the world can see the value of the Jen & Lin Education Foundation. At the preventive level, social problems caused by unhealthy personal factors can be reduced. Further on the creative level, through Jen & Lin's services, to enhance personal self-life value and quality, and promote harmonious family relationships. And in the future, we can help people pay attention to their right to mental health through education and learning together with you so that individuals can have a harmonious life and organize a happy family.