Kelly Vo

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About Kelly Vo
  • Head of Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising, LIN Center for Community Development

Ms. Tuyen has several years of experience as an international Business Development Manager. She has focused on developing markets for agricultural products, including natural teas and wine; and has extensive experience selling and marketing business processing software.

Tuyen has joined LIN Center for Community Development since March 2018 to lead Corporate Partnerships & Fundraising department. She gets to know LIN when volunteering with an U.S based INGO and has loved LIN’s mission ever since.

Currently she also overseas Vietnamese operations for Artiso Drinks LLC, which introduced the first artichoke iced tea to the U.S. market. Previously Ms. Vo managed business development for Computime APAC, a leading provider of integrated financial and asset management software solutions to large energy organizations.

Ms. Tuyen had served as regional coordinator for BeCause in 5 years, a non-governmental organization based in San Francisco that provides educational resources for children in underprivileged and under-resourced regions in Vietnam.

Ms. Tuyen holds a degree in English Language and Literature from Huflit University and has taken advanced online courses from U.S. universities such as Princeton, Yale, UPenn and NUS. Her mission is to promote the use of sustainable values at work and everyday life in Vietnam.