Maggie Fung

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About Maggie Fung
  • Finance Director, Social Ventures Hong Kong

Maggie joined SVhk back in 2010. She started as the Finance Director but as SVhk grew in size, she subsequently took up the role of Financial and Operations Director in 2011. She oversees matters relating to finance, human resources, legal and administration of SVhk and some its portfolio projects. Externally, Maggie liaises with potential and existing funders and investors while internally, she is responsible for new recruits, management reporting and auditing, setting up new companies and obtaining charitable organisation status.

The job satisfaction Maggie gets from working in SVhk is derived from the extensive exposure to people from different background (from beneficiaries to businesses, from charities to governmental officials). Maggie also enjoys dealing with cross-sector challenges and seeing the visible and meaningful impact created by SVhk portfolio projects through her day-to-day work.

Maggie feels strongly for youth education. Having two children at home, she is struck by the huge contrast between the spoon-feeding “monster parents” and children from improvised families who are often ignored and left out. She is therefore touched by the opportunity Playtao gives to underprivileged children in our society.

Maggie wishes to have a balanced life between work and spending quality time with her family. She is also working hard towards her childhood dream of attaining 8th grade in piano. She has been practising the piano since 2009 and currently attained the 4th grade.

During her leisure time, Maggie enjoys listening to Canto pop. She also enjoys observing her two daughters play at home and getting along with each other. On the active side, Maggie finished Oxfam Trailwalker (a 100km hike) in 47 hours with only 10 minutes of sleep.

Prior to joining SVhk, Maggie was an Associate Vice-President of the Finance Department in Star TV.

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