Marie Lee

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About Marie Lee
  • South Korea Representative, AVPN

Marie has 14 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector and private sector, and high interests in unlocking capital for social enterprises and nonprofits such as venture philanthropy, impact investing, etc. and measuring the impact of the capital used. While she worked for an intermediary in Korea, she organized biannual international events and initiated the Smile Together Partnership (STP), a three-year grant program for startup or growth stage social enterprises or SPOs in developing countries. She worked with 28 partners in 14 countries directly through this program and measured the STP program and its partner’s impact. She studied impact investing at the IIX Academy to connect more resources and capital to the social enterprises which need to have growth capital with/after grants. She is leading the impact review of the Mutual Aid Fund of Korea Central Council of Social Enterprises (KOSE) based in Korea.