Mihyun Cho

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About Mihyun Cho
  • Head of Social Enterprise Support Team, The Happiness Foundation

Ranked 57th in the Fortune Global 500, SK is a multi-national group of 95 subsidiary and affiliate companies active in energy, chemicals and telecommunication businesses, with more than 70,000 employees and 113 offices worldwide.

The Happiness Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the SK Group.  Since 2006, it has been a leader in promoting the social enterprise ecosystem in Korea with a concentration on incubating and accelerating innovative social business models, impact investing and fostering social entrepreneurship.

Ms. Mihyun Cho is leading the Social Enterprise Support Team at the Happiness Foundation.  Her role is to provide financial and non-financial support for social enterprises to maximize their social value as well as profitability.

Prior to joining the Happiness Foundation, she spent 9 years at SK Telecom, including five years as a CSR manager.  She also has years of experience as a consultant at Monitor Group.

Ms. Cho holds an MBA from Yonsei University, MA in Instructional Technology and BA in Sociology and Media from Columbia University.