Oliver Carrington

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About Oliver Carrington
  • Non-profit consultant, Cross Fields

Until recently Oliver Carrington was a consultant at New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), a UK think-tank consultancy for the non-profit sector. At NPC, he researched and published reports on topics including grant-making, governance and charity mergers. He also delivered strategy and impact measurement projects for philanthropist and charity clients, and managed a mental health grant portfolio for the Stone Family Foundation. Prior to NPC, he worked on grants and policy at the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys before its merger into the Masonic Charitable Foundation. Oliver received his degrees from Queen’s University Belfast and King’s College London.

Oliver is currently taking some time away from the UK to contribute to and learn from social purpose organisations in different countries. In Japan, he has been working on impact measurement and management at Cross Fields—an organisation using corporate volunteering to build the capacity of non-profits across South East Asia. He has also recently co-created Funding Trends, a free website for philanthropists using open data to visualise grant-making statistics.