Piyawan Prayuksilpa
Managing Director


Khon Thai Foundation


Piyawan is Managing Director of For Khonthai Foundation. The Foundation for Thai people For Khonthai Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 with the purpose of “creating a prosperous society”, which requires collaboration from all sectors connected together as a part of the (social) ecological system. In this system, people from different entities are working together to create a big impact for the society through “collaborative platform”. For Khonthai Foundation views the needs of society as being many and large, therefore needing active citizens and significant alliances to address them. The collaborative platform emerges through various mechanisms such as researches, seminars, symposiums, social exhibitions, etc. which comprises the following: • “Khon Thai” Monitor is a nationwide survey that encourages Thai people to reflect, participate and be responsible for the quality of life and development of the country by interviewing 100,000 people in 77 provinces in Thailand. • Our Hands for Better Thailand is a social expo to connect NGOs, civil society, social enterprises, and volunteer group with business sector. The event is also for the people involved to share their knowledge and experiences as well as connecting together for extension to their works. • www.khonthaivoice.com is the mechanism of hearing the voices of 100,000 Thai people nationwide about their dreams for Thailand and what they want to do. The result will be shared with the government and public to generate appropriate actions for social development. • Inspiring Thailand is an initiative of civil society sector, private sector, educational sector, and public sector that come together for the purpose of transforming Thailand into a more harmonious, fair, and sustainable society which consists of: 1) To create a shared visions and goals for all Thais 2) To launch the projects that will radically change the nation 3) To develop and build the network of leaders 4) To encourage people to become active citizens through communication tools. • Projects for Inspiring Thailand is a collaborative platform that bring all available resources which are not only funds but also knowledge and experiences as well as networks from the private sector for the purpose of working together to develop social projects systematically with measurable assessment and monitoring & evaluation process. The mechanism of pooling national “resources” which are not only “funds”, but focused on knowledge, expertise, experience and networks for the purpose of enhancing systematic collaboration to launch projects for social interests including the process of implementation, following up and assessment. • BKIND is the mechanism that investors can invest to do good deeds. They can support companies with corporate governance under ESGC criteria and then 0.8% invested money shall be shared to support projects for the social benefit purpose. • Social Lab is the mechanism of finding practical solutions to serious issues in Thailand through transformative scenario planning and the collaboration between all different entities involved. The outcome is the massive change within the society. These mechanisms derive from collective ideas and joint implementation between For Khonthai Foundation and stakeholders including Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Local Development Institute, Anti-corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), the Stock Exchange of Thailand, BBL Asset Management Company Limited, ChangeFusion Institute, Thailand Marketing Research Society, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thammasat University, Reform Now Network (RNN),and etc. For Khonthai Foundation and these stakeholders strongly believe that only Thai people can help Thailand to be a more harmonious, fair, and sustainable society. For further information, visit www.khonthaifoundation.org, www.facebook.com/khonthaifoundation.

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