Pornlumon Nirachatsuwan

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About Pornlumon Nirachatsuwan
  • Enterprise Support Advisor, SEED

Pornlumon Nirachatsuwan (Net) joined SEED Thailand in 2019 as an Enterprise Support Advisor, focusing on the Practitioner Lab Climate Finance and Policy Prototyping, and the SEED eco-inclusive enterprise Impact Assessment Index. Net gained previous development sector research experience at the Uganda National Academy of Sciences (UNAS) as a research associate.

Net holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science degree from Quest University Canada. Her main areas of study were in interdisciplinary research fields of sustainable agriculture, African philosophy and development. During her studies, she completed an exchange programme at the Royal Thimphu University in Bhutan and worked at the National Biodiversity Center where she contributed to a federal government germplasm program to conserve agrobiodiversity.