AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023

Rabea Nawaz
Director, West Asia




As the Director of West Asia (Middle East & Pakistan) at AVPN, Rabea Nawaz is a dynamic leader known for her unwavering commitment to impact-driven initiatives. With over two decades of international management consultancy experience, Rabea is a visionary adept at forging strategic alliances and fostering transformation. Her mission revolves around the power of connectivity, reshaping perspectives to unlock human potential and foster a sustainable future. Rabea's career encompasses advisory roles for senior executives, expertise in venture philanthropy, and the art of building strategic partnerships. She not only drives results but also serves as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and diverse corporations. Rabea excels in crafting innovative solutions, infusing sustainability into corporate DNA, and designing strategies that harmonize technology, wellness, and impact. With a deep-seated passion for inclusivity and impact-focused endeavors, Rabea leverages her global experience, having lived and worked across Asia, North America, and the Middle East. Her journey, marked by stints at renowned organizations like Freddie Mac, Ernst & Young, and the Carlyle Group, culminated in a profound shift toward maximizing human potential for the greater good. As AVPN's West Asia director Rabea is poised to champion impact-driven initiatives and foster strategic partnerships. Her mandate involves engaging with philanthropists, foundations, family offices, corporates, and impact investors to advance discussions on social investment opportunities and strategic giving with transformative impact.