Syarif Hamdi

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About Syarif Hamdi
  • Senior Information Systems Associate, AVPN

Syarif joined AVPN in early 2017 as a Senior Research Associate and acting as the AVPN representative in Indonesia.

His introduction to innovations in the social sector was in Australia, where he was employed as a Project Manager with Social Ventures Australia. Believing his heart to be closer to home, Syarif moved back to Southeast Asia in order to contribute and expand his knowledge of Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region. In his spare time, Syarif also volunteers for education initiatives in Jakarta where he teaches Sociology. He is particularly passionate about developing and sharing knowledge among disenfranchised communities, believing that this practice can create a large-scale ripple effect of sustainability and welfare. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Wollongong.